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About Us

Cavalier Matters began as a website providing advice and support for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Owners.

Molly And DougallThe website was commissioned by Tania Ledger who was inspired to create it after the devastating news that both of her Cavaliers (Molly and Dougall, pictured) were afflicted by Chiari Malformation Syringomyelia (CMSM), an often painful, debilitating and incurable disease.

'My aim is to help other Cavalier owners deal with CMSM and other genetic health issues. I hope it will enable them to improve the quality of their dogs' lives by giving them the appropriate care and the best veterinary treatment available'.

Since then the project has grown. Tania now attends various canine and companion animal exhibitions to raise awareness of CMSM and other genetic diseases affecting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Advice is given to Cavalier owners and members of the public who are thinking of buying a Cavalier puppy.  The project aims to raise money for research into canine genetic diseases.  Longer term, the goal is to help to eliminate CMSM and Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) from the Cavalier breed. Along with other campaigning organisations, Tania Ledger is dedicated to preserving the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed.

The most recent development in Tania's campaign, the Cavalier Matters Charitable Gift Shop, has been set up as an additional fundraising enterprise. All proceeds from the shop will be given to canine genetic disease research, raising awareness of breed related health problems, and campaigning for the reform of dog breeding.

Please take a look at our products and consider buying something for yourself or as a gift for someone else, or simply make a donation.

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Cavalier Matters - Main Aims

  • Funding and promoting research into Cavalier health and The Cavalier Tissue Collection Scheme and the Rupert’s Fund project
  • Health studies and research are ongoing and some information is shared with The Ann Conroy Trust, a charity set up to help human CM/SM sufferers.
  • Raising awareness of Cavalier hereditary health diseases among the general public and encouraging them to only buy a puppy from a breeder that has carried out all the necessary health checks on the bitch and stud dog.
  • To support other Cavalier owners by providing easytounderstand information about Cavalier health issues and tips about how to look after an affected dog.
  • Campaigning to improve the health of Cavaliers. For example, campaigning against irresponsible breeding and puppy farms. Campaigning for the reform of dog breeding in the UK through our political contacts and by working with other welfare organisations.
  • Providing funds for offcial rescue and welfare organisations.

CM/SM in Humans

CM not only affects thousands of puppies, each year a growing number of people are also being diagnosed because of the increased use of diagnostic imaging (MRI). Although it isn’t yet understood what causes CM, it is so widespread in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that research into the disease in the breed aids the understanding and treatment of the condition in people.

For more information relating to the human CM/SM condition please visit